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login binary source

I am trying to create a boot disk from my debian 2.2r2 machine.  I have a rootfs with all the basic binaries req, and another disk to boot from.
It boots, Ok and loads the rootfs ok, Login prompt OK, When I type username and password, it comes up with pam errors (ie can't find username and password).  I checked out the pam site and I believe that the problem is with the file /mnt/var/run/utmp (which i tried touch, cp dd to copy the file to the rootfs).  Anyway, I have downloaded the source cd's for debian, and I was thinking of recompiling the login binary without pam.  Where would I find the source for login (can't find it on the cd's) and is it possible to recompile without pam?  
Can anyone think of anything else that I can do?

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