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Re: newbie Qs about Debian 'Potato'

> What kernel comes on the offical debian Potato release? I know it doesn't
> matter that much, bit I would like to know. :-)
> I heard the installation CD is not bootable? Any reason for this?
> Thanks for the info :-)

I had never hered that this CD´s are not bootable. My first debian CD set
workes well. The standard kernel of debian2.2r0 is 2.2.17. The current 2.2r2
could have kernel 2.2.18. And you can use the kernels 2.4.x. It will not be
very easy to update to the newst kernel, but i did it with success. The only
important thing is to upgrade the packages ppp and modutils from the
unstable woody release to get a fine running kernel 2.4.x. And you need to
compile this packages from the debian sources (using dpkg-buildpackage),
cause woody use another glibc then potato.


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