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Re: Ok...found modversions.h...two questions

Dave Linsalata <linsalad@gusun.georgetown.edu> wrote: 
> First off, thanks for the help on modversions.h.  I tried make
> oldconfig...that didn't work...so I installed the headers and that
> worked.  But question: should I combine the headers/include directory
> into the source directory?  Or just leave it separate? (b/c they are
> definately different...)

leave it seperate, when you compile something wanting kernel headers
tell it to look at /usr/src/kernel-headers-`uname -r`

also do not reply to unrelated messages to post to the list, it causes
your message to be threaded into an unrelated topic.  when you a new
message to the list, create a new message, don't reply to something
random just to get the address filled in.  its most helpful to reply
to replies to your first message, or if you post more info on your
first post, then reply to your first post.  this way everything about
this topic stays in one thread and will be read/followed by more

[ creating new message to break this out of the #!/bin/bash thread ]

Ethan Benson

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