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Re: Kernel Compile Fails

> depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
> /lib/modules/2.4.2-k7/kernel/drivers/net/wan/comx.o
> /boot/initrd does not exist. Installing from scratch, eh?

My meaning for this is: The kernel image is not axactly working on your
system. That something like this happens is normal if you try to run
software that is not really ready to call it stable. I mean the most
problems of kernel 2.4 will be overcomed at version 2.4.10.

you should look whether you need comx.o. If not, try modconf to delete this
module in your configuration. Typing

# grep -n COMX .config

in kernel-sourcetree will give you the position of this in .config file
which you can edit with

# vi +123 .config

123 means the number of line which grep showed. Then you can look at config
file in which menu section you can select this module where you can go to
read the help text.

If you will try again to compile the kernel you should use first a minimal
configuration. Some supports in Lodable module support, Processortype,
General setup, Block devices, Networking options, ATA/IDE or SCSI support
and Character devices should be enough to get a bootable kernel. And then
you can add step by step all others, you need for your hardware.


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