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Re: Good way to do procmail on server, read mail from client?

Actually, I just went through a similar gyration to get mail the way I wanted it.

I ended up running the Cyrus IMAP server on my server, using fetchmail/exim to get mail from my myriad of pop3 accounts, and sieve to do the filtering into many, many IMAP folders.

- IMAP is nice because I can get to my mail on the road, from any OS with an IMAP client, and it works.

- exim/fetchmail because it was easy

- sieve because it is a recently-RFC'd filtering standard that is easy to use

- Cyrus IMAP beause it provides lots of niceties, such as sasl authentication so you don't need home accounts for users, pop3 access to your inbox, and it is fast.

Just FYI

--On Sunday, April 01, 2001 11:23 AM -0700 Ansel Sermersheim <ansel@babylon.dyndns.org> wrote:

Hi all, new Debian user here.  Started with Slackware four years ago,
put up with redhat for a while, but now I've found a distribution to
call home.

Anyway, I have a question about how folks do their email.  I recently
bought a new box to put Debian on, but I'm still tied to my old system
'till I can figure out a good way to get email on it.  I'd also like
to wipe the old systems and get them on Debian as well.

The old setup:
I have a big ~/.procmailrc, which sorts mail into 15 or so different
files in '~/incoming/'.  My home directory here is nfs-mounted onto my
desktop box, and I have Gnus set up to pull from '~/incoming/'. (This
setup evolved for historical reasons - my server is rather historical,
and XEmacs on a 486/12 with 16MB is Not Fun.)  This is a really ugly
hack, and I'd like to get rid of it.

The new setup:
I have come up with a couple of options.  The only givens are that
1) I read mail with Gnus, and
2) I filter mail with procmail.

1) is invariant (I cannot re-train my fingers.) 2) is malleable.

Possibilities include:
1) NFS mount ~/incoming off the new server, keep procmail as-is.
   Pros: little change from present status.
   Cons: Ugly. NFS sucks.

2) Set Gnus to pull from 'ftp:server:~/incoming', keep procmail as-is.
   Pros: same as above.
   Cons: More error-prone, probably locking issues.

3) Have my mail account on server forward to account on desktop, run
   .procmailrc locally.
   Pros: Better performance.
   Cons: my desktop isn't up 24/7, with this I have to make sure to
   bring it up every day or so or I start losing mail.

What kind of solution do you folks like to use?  Maybe fetchmail can
do this? How, though? (I use sendmail's local-part feature to split
out lists - how well will this play with exim/fetchmail?  Isn't the
envelope To: lost when it gets delivered?)

Many thanks,
x=3}@,;$q= join'',sort'$y=shift@,; $y^= int(eval$q) $q=q-my

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