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Re: rtl8139

On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 01:53:11PM +0200, Tomas Nalevajko wrote:
> Hi,
> could somebody plz help me with this. If I want to insert rtl8139.o or
> when I run update-modules there are error messages: unresolved symbols. I
> have latest debian stable version but I needed new xserver because my
> RIVA TNT2 card, so I installed lots of packages from testing version. I
> spend last week trying to compile drivers for my own. Still this error.
Wich Kernel Version do you use?
In Kernel 2.4.x it's no longer rtl8139. The new module name ist

Another reason might be that you compiled your kernel and forgot to
copy System.map.


> [... Zentnerweise TOFU ...] *raeusper*
> Sacht mal - Eure guten Vorsaetze haben aber nicht lange gereicht?!
Och menno! Warn doch grade mal 4,8kb. Man wird doch nochmal über die
Stränge schlagen dürfen. ;-) TOFU Rulezzzzzzzz!!
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