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Re: should /var/spool/mail/ have a the sticky bit set? ...

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Ethan Benson wrote:

> /var/mail into the solaris style world writable /var/mail.  except
> this is dependent on your MTA, sendmail and exim are broken in that
> they insist on creating mailspools mode 660 group=mail which means any
> gid=mail exploit compromises every single user's mail spool.  i prefer
> postfix which creates mailspools mode 600 group=mail.

As I'm sure you know, sendmail *never* touches *anything* in /var/mail -
that is the MDA's job...  procmail, mailagent, deliver, etc..

Ok, sendmail does include a (very little used) default MDA (mail.local),
and the behaviour there is changeable... and I'll make *not* do 660 from
now on.
Rick Nelson
* bma wonders if this will make the Knghtbrd .sig

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