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Re: how can i determine why apt-get "keeps packages" back?

j> Hi List,
j>    Can someone point me towards information regarding why apt-get will
j>    sometimes say certain packages have been kept back and how i may
j>    resolve the troubles: (hope this isn't too much information)

j>    An example of the trouble:

j> 10:35am~$ su
j> Password:
j> jereme:/home/jereme# apt-get upgrade
j> Reading Package Lists... Done
j> Building Dependency Tree... Done
j> The following packages have been kept back
j>   gedit gnome-utils gnumeric
j> 0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not
j> upgraded.
j> jereme:/home/jereme#

Read 'man apt-get'. 'apt-get upgrade' never removes or installs any
new packages. It only tries to upgrade existing. If new version of
upgraded package will have unsatisfied dependences as result of
apt-get operation then package will be 'kept back'.

You need 'apt-get dist-upgrade'

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