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RE: How to save a image to GIF by GIMP?

I'm not aware of graphics and it's specific pro's and con's, since adobe
support .jpb for webgraphics i thought i didn't matter that much
PNG tends to be rather 'heavy' for a website to use, No ?

It's possible the non-free package will get you what you need.



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JL> this .gif file format is no longer publicly available since some
JL> company (by sudden insanity) decided to start earning money on
JL> it's patents, i'd advise you to use .jpg or any other format wich
JL> will get you similar results in size AND quality

JPEG is not good replacement for GIF in many cases. PNG is better as
GIF replacement.

JL> :: side note :: i think it's possible to save as a Gif file from
JL> within gimp with some export function but if you publish this you
JL> might get sued or something like that

I think I saw in dselect something like 'gimp-non-free'. Probably this
packages comes with gimp with GIF support.

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