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RE: duda con Debian

On 25-Mar-2001 Valiñani wrote:
> No sé cómo se editan unas lineas de texto 
> ( LS_ALL=es_ES ý LANGUAGE=es_ES) 
>  en el fichero etc/profile
> Podrias hecharme una mano.

Please, avoid posting in HTML and try to write in English, because that's the
language most of the users understand. Anyway, about locales: You have to first
edit /etc/locale.gen, then uncomment the locales you'd like to see compiled (in
your case, es), then run /usr/sbin/locale-gen as root. Then, all you have to
do is to export LANG=es and LC_ALL=es. You can do that in a billion of
different ways, but you can just put this at the bottom of your /etc/profile:

export LANG LC_ALL

> Gracias.

Hablas portugues? :)

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