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email notification of new debian packages

Hi all,
	i've made this stupid thing. there's also a useless web page
	but in it there's nothing more than you can read here:

	--> What's this?
	Just another stupid service. Every Monday it will send you the list of new
	Debian packages of the unstable branch, of course, for desired

	--> How to subscribe
	For every architectures there is a mailing list where nobody, but me, can
	post. You can subscribe with the usual "Subject: subscribe" to


	where architecture could be:

	alpha arm hppa hurd-i386 i386 ia64 m68k mips mipsel powerpc s390 sh sparc

	--> Is it free?
	Of course (do you really think somebody would pay for a service like this?).
	Anyway, I will never put adverts or other stupid things in the mails you
	will receive.

	--> Note: the system is working for me. I guess it will stop to work when
	somebody will start to use it. So, for any kind of problem you have
	to write to: andrea.gelmini@gelma.lugbs.linux.it (or bungle@linux.it).


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