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colors in gvim, help please


I post this problem before, although I receive a couple of answer I am 
still having the same problem. Let me be more specific:

I am running gvim 5.6. I want to change the dafault colors for the 
foreground and background. I can do that at the command line in gvim 

:hi Normal guifg=black guibg=grey

But I have to type this each time I run gvim. For sure there is a way 
to put this information in the /etc/gvimrc file. I tried the followings

set hi Normal guifg=black guibg=grey
hi Normal guifg=black guibg=grey
set guifg=black guibg=grey

all of them didn't work. (I surfed the man pages and the online help,
but I didn't find the solution.) 
Please, I will thank a lot if some tell me the correct way...

Thanks in advance,


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