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Re: wvdial doesn't connect

Neil Booth wrote:
> Henning Otte wrote:-
> > > What kind of modem?  Winmodems aren't supported. (In
> > > general).
> >
> > How do I find out, if I've got a winmodem?
> > (It's called 'ASKEY 56k Plug&Play Modem', it supports Rockwell K56flex,
> > but not V.90)
> Is it internal or external?  You should have no probs with an external
> one.  Internal ones are more likely to give problems.
> Neil.


>From my experience most of askey modems are Lucent winmodems,however
since yours
is Rockwell compatible it may be a real modem.Look for the sticker on
the modem
with the model nr. and then it may be possible to identify it properly.
Anyhow,wvdial shouldn't dial at all in case of a winmodem IMHO.

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