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spontaneously changing partition types (GRUB)

I have installed dos 6.22 , windows 98 and debian 2.2 (kernel-2.2.17) using grub( version as my boot loader. I face two recurring problems

1) Every time I reboot (usually into dos or win and back to linux) grub is unable to boot linux , and reports the stage 2 error 17. I boot with a rescue disk and find my linux partitions is reported as being of type "amoeba" under cfdisk. I change it back to linux ext2f using cfdisk. In the process I lose no data but the error repeats the second time I boot.

2) After installing grub the first time I boot it gives me the menu based interface . Howver the second and subsequent times it drops me into the shell.

Could you please explain what is going on and any work around if possible.

balbir thomas

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