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Re: emacs memu bars in linux console

The following is from the Emacs -> Menu Bar section of the Emacs Info

   On text-only terminals with no mouse, you can use the menu bar by
typing `M-`' or <F10> (these run the command `tmm-menubar').  This
command enters a mode in which you can select a menu item from the
keyboard.  A provisional choice appears in the echo area.  You can use
the left and right arrow keys to move through the menu to different
choices.  When you have found the choice you want, type <RET> to select

   Each menu item also has an assigned letter or digit which designates
that item; it is usually the initial of some word in the item's name.
This letter or digit is separated from the item name by `=>'.  You can
type the item's letter or digit to select the item.

   Some of the commands in the menu bar have ordinary key bindings as
well; if so, the menu lists one equivalent key binding in parentheses
after the item itself.

Osamu Aoki said on March 9, 2001 at 21:09 (-0800) >Can we use emacs menu bars on the top of screen in Linux console?
>    Buffers Files Tools Edit Search Mule Help
>I know these works as menu in X, but what does it do in console???
>Should I close it with "meta-x menu-bar-mode" since it is not doing
>anything and eating precious screen.
>Osamu - Is it only me???
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