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Re: Mozilla 0.8-Special setup required?

J. Bruce Fields wrote:
> claiming this to be "beta" software yet.  Since you say that "changing
> themese crashes it cold", I assume you mean that it is able to do most
> other things? I've been using it happily for some time, but then, I don't

Well, as I replied on the list earlier, it took me three attempts to
change default fonts. I had to do it online and open on a page before it
stopped disappearing.

> If you just wanted to get rid of all that annoying debugging messages, you
> could run it with `/usr/local/share/mozilla/mozilla >/dev/null 2>&1'.
> I find it's a bit slow (and impossibly slow if you've got less than

Very sluggish.

> about 64 Megs of RAM), and there are occasional glitches, but it usually
> works pretty well for web browsing.

The gtk look beats Netscape 4.76 and the web page rendering is nicer. I
just on't know when it's going to suddenly be gone <grin>...



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