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Re: how do you find out what your sound card is

If you have Windozze on this machine, select start -->
Settings --> Control Panel --> System --> Devices The
sound card is probably listed in under the others
icon,  Press the + and that might show you the name of
the sound card, or highlight the sound card and then
select properties.  That should show you also.
--- hogan <hogan@netspace.net.au> wrote:
> > The person that sold the system to me said its a
> soundblaster on board..
> > there is no bios setting with any info... it
> worked under win 95/98
> >
> > 1.how does one find out what is installed?
> > 2. if it is a sound blaster, what insmod will make
> it work?
> Look at the motherboard at the large black chips -
> see one with "Creative"
> written on it? Yes? Bingo! :)
> Can't open the PC? Go to the motherboard
> manufacturer's website and look up
> the model..
> Can't identify the motherboard? Go to Wim's BIOS
> codes page (search for wim
> and bios in google)
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