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Re: Need Window Manager recommendation

At 09:42 PM 3/8/2001 +0000, Matthew Sackman wrote:
>On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 01:21:39PM -0700, Eric Richardson wrote:
>> Eric Richardson wrote:
>> > 
>> > Hi,
>> > I just recently installed Debian 2.2r0 and did a apt-get update apt-get
>> > dist-upgrade so I'm up to date on stable - I think.
>> > 
>> > I loaded all the gnome stuff and the default display manager xdm and
>> > window manager twm. I have since replaced xdm with gdm and I would like
>> > to replace twm with one that is more fitting for use with gnome -
>> > besides I don't really like it. I'm interested in stability and I don't
>> > want it to take too much memory.

I like ice....

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