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philosophical reasons

--- Kent West <westk@acu.edu> wrote:
> The Grand Oral Disseminator wrote:
> > Hi...
> There are other distros that are easier to install (well, actually, 
> easier to get working with your modem/graphics setup/printer/etc), but
> once set up properly, Debian is the premier distro, and once you get 
> spoiled to it, you'll never want to go to any other. In addition, I 
> believe Debian is the "purest" Linux distro, so much so that it's not 
> even called Debian Linux, but rather Debian GNU/Linux. There are 
> philosophical reasons for adopting Debian over those other folks.

Speaking of philosophical reasons,
in Los Angeles there was a 1/2-hour radio interview with RMS
(Richard Stallman) on Digital Village (90.7 FM).

Audio (.ram) archives here:

  "Digital Village Audio Archive "

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