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Re: Simple c program won't compile

* Chris Gray (cgray@tribsoft.com) wrote:
> This is not. (Using "should" in the sense that it must be this way to
> compile, not be this way to be stylistically correct).  It is just
> confusing to everyone else who reads his program to have it the way
> that Mark has it.  Traditionally, argc stands for something like
> "arguments count" and argv stands for something like "arguments
> vector".  But they are just arguments to a function and can have any
> name a person wants.  So all the following are correct:
> int main(void)
> int main(int foo, char **bar)
> int main(int foo, char **bar, char **baz)

Well Chris you are right, the thing was i made an assumption (i should
stop making those), because the question was a bit of a newbie C question
i assumed he was a newbie, and thought that maybe he got confused with
the int main( ... ) thing, of course the compiler doesn't mind, what the
names are, but i don't recall seeing on the C books i have any reference
to the above, except for the C99 specification, so again bad assumption,
bad semantics. By the way can you explain the last one i haven't seen
that one before? My take is that foo, and bar works as expected and baz
on my tests gets the environment variables that are set. Is this

Juan Fuentes 

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