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ppp socket

Just installed potato on a new box, with a 30G hd.
First 5M == /boot
Then around 25G in one partition for Debian.
Third partition is 128M swap
Fourth is RedHat, hardly used, but my friend wanted it there.

Have connected to my old box and ftp'ed all the files I want to keep.

When I put the modem on the new box, the same configuration of ppp, wvdial or 
pon will connect to my ISP but will not actually work. I can ping my ISP, 
and /var/log/messages shows the process succeeding, but fetchmail has a 
socket problem, as does Netscape; lynx just can't connect.

I've had this before with an unorthodox partitioning set-up, which I scrapped 
in favor of one big partition.

What on earth could be wrong? Is there something to do with configuring sockets 
that I need to know?

Nick Croft.

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