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Re: help...

    Hello Dale,

I had same problem. I don't recall if I just changed the install script or if 
I just downloaded the seti version from seti's site. I do recall the 3.0 not
working since 3.0 isn't available and wouldn't work anyway :)  I really like 
the tkseti front end - basic yet not too basic :) You may also like the 
generic x version of seti since it inclused xseti.
I haven't used a gui for setting IP etc - kinda just do it manually - seems 
more sure fire somehow :) I'm sure there is something out there though.

pick your seti here:  http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/unix.html
tkseti:   http://www.cuug.ab.ca/~macdonal/tkseti 

Good luck and hope your seti results start adding up.

On Monday 05 March 2001 11:18, Dale Kosan wrote:
> Two quick questions from a newbie, 1)trying to install setiathome but it
> fails,it is looking for version 3.0 and 3.3 is the only available version,
> any ideas? Also, is there a nice gui or easy command line program to change
> the ip and info of a machine I set-up at work but am taking home? Thanks in
> advance,any info or url would be cool.Gotta say, I LOVE DEBIAN......


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