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Re: X, G400, and mouse fd

Dave Sherohman wrote:
> Where can I find TFM on setting up hardware acceleration for a Matrox G400
> AGP?  Is it worth doing this under X 3.3.6 or will it be less trouble to make
> the jump to X 4.0.2 and set up acceleration there?
> Also, I'm doing this for the sake of playing Loki's games, which are all
> hellbent on using 16 bpp color, no more, no less.  I'm not willing to give up
> my 32 bpp for everything else, so I've tried (from the console, to avoid
> permission problems) `startx -- -bpp 16 :1` to give me a secondary, Loki-
> approved, X session.  This fails, eventually dying with the last message
> before 'waiting for X server to shut down' being a warning that /dev/mouse
> can't get the status of the mouse fd (Invalid argument).  I've got that set
> up as:
> lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           12 Mar  3 15:44 /dev/mouse -> /dev/gpmdata
> prw-r--r--    1 root     root            0 Mar  3 16:00 /dev/gpmdata
> Any suggestions on how to get this part working?
The best results I've had (using a Matrox G400 16MB), with Heretic2 and
Soldier of Fortune (and a few demos e.g. Heavy Gear and Quake) have been
with X3.3.6 and utah GLX.  Heretic didn't like X4 and sof needed alsa,
which I wasn't happy with on kernel 2.4.1 - jittery sound and

The X3.3.6 & utah glx ran ok in 32bpp at 1600x1200 whereas X4 won't, at
least with only 16MB on the G400, so I have to switch XF86Config-4 files
(32/24-16)(symlinks) to get DRI running.  Then it's ok.


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