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Re: missing XF86_SVGA file in v2.2_rev2 installation


On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 11:55:27AM -0000, giovanni sartoni wrote:
> I have just installed Debian 2.2_rev2, and I can not
> properly run Xserver and WinMaker because the file XF86_SVGA
> is missing. I have a SVGA graphics card (Trident Blade3D)
> an I am currently obliged to run under XF86_VGA16 with
> very poor performance of course. Can anyone tell how I may
> recover the SVGA driver, or where I can fetch the file
> on the net.

Simply try searching with dselect or console-apt for XF86_SVGA or something like that. Install it again.

Bastian Bowe

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