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Re: hdd troubles

on Sat, Mar 03, 2001 at 04:43:53AM -0800, Nate Amsden (aphro@portal.aphroland.org) wrote:
> hello..
> one of my hdds(my / actually) started to give me problems
> recently(sector read errors). i ran several fsck's on it, fixed many
> problems however even after that e2fsck says "file system modified"
> when it doesn't tell me about any errors. i tried using the -v flag,
> and using the badblocks program and nothing seems to tell me what is
> being modified ..  i've run e2fsck about 10 times and badblock about 4
> times ..
> is there another program thats more verbose that i could use?
> runnin potato with 2.2.17.
> thanks!

I'd take the hint, pull out my most recent backups, restore to a new
disk, and chuck the old one.

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