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Sendmail and Debian

I'm having a problem getting Debian's Sendmail 8.9.3 using the virtusertable
feature. I've added the line:
FEATURE(`virtusertable')dnl to the sendmail.mc

I added the # Virtual user table (maps incoming users)
Kvirtuser hash -o /etc/mail/virtusertable to the sendmail.cf file

I can't get it to see the virtusertable.

I used to run sendmail on Redhat. I took the sendmail.cf file from Redhat
and dumped it into the debian install. With a couple small modifications the
virtusertable works perfect. I did a diff on the two sendmail.cf files.
There aren 't any major differences.

The bottom line seems to be that the Debian sendmail.cf isn't seeing the
virtusertable feature and the redhat sendmail.cf is and I'm not sure why.

I'll send the two versions of the sendmail.cf file if that will.
Any help would be appreciated.


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