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Re: OT: Re: C editor

On Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 01:15:34PM -0800, Vishal Soni wrote:
> Don't laugh. 
> Say i want to compile a solaris binary on my linux
> box. Can i get  asolaris
> c-compiler and compile it on my linux box?? it that
> possible? what about
> static and dynamic libraries, and /usr/include/* ? 
> thanks in advance

AFAIK a binary is already compiled, you probably mean compile solaris source code. In this case, it's fairly probable that you will be able to compile it,  specially if it's a GNU program. On GNU/Linux, is common to have installed gcc (the GNU C Compiler) which is extremly good. 
For /usr/inlcude/*, there's nothing about that, all depends on what headers and functions the program uses. The same applies for the libraries.
It'd help if you could specify what do you want to compile.

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