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Re: kde/kwin is real slow

Try turning off logging,

	kdebugdialog --fullmode

setting Generic Information and Warning logging to "None" should help.

- Bruce

On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, Aaron Maxwell wrote:
> I'm using KDE 2.1 and the KDE window manager (kwin, which is started by
> the script /usr/bin/kde2).  I love it, except that all the window ops
> are very slow.  Switching focus between two rxvt's, for example, takes
> well over 500ms; so I'll do an alt-tab to switch from window A to window
> B, and I have to wait nearly a second after I release the alt key before
> focus switches.
> Remember how a whole bunch of new kde-flavored packes went up on
> kde.tydc.com a week or two ago?  The above behaviour came about after I
> apt-got them all.  Before this, focus switch above was nearly
> instantaneous;  so I know my hardware's power is not the issue. (Athlon
> 700MHz, 256MB, Voodoo3 16MB).
> <bait>I've even switched back to enlightenment, it's so bad.</bait>
> I'm running woody (except for the KDE packages, which are
> all potato).  Any ideas?  Anyone experienced this and fixed it?
> Thanks in advance.
> Aaron

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