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Re: Debian never powers off

Bruce Richardson wrote:
> No matter what I do, I can never get Debian to power down a machine on
> shutdown.  It doesn't work with the stock kernel, doesn't work with all
> the different kernels I've compiled (and I've tried every permutation of
> the apm kernel options).  But other distributions - or OSs - installed
> on the same machines power them down no problem at all.

	This has worked for me on different machines and different
kernels using  /sbin/shutdown -h now.	
	The kernel must have CONFIG_APM=y. Then, since this is disabled by
default in the older kernels, you must pass 'apm=on' to the kernel. You
can do this in lilo.conf with append='apm=on'.
	Kernel 2.2.18 has added CONFIG_APM_DISABLE_BY_DEFAULT. If you
compile the kernel with this not set, then you will not have to use the
'apm=on' parameter. 
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