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Re: mail configuration questions

on Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 06:55:46AM -0800, Tom Schuetz (ts22548@mail.cybernetisp.net) wrote:

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> Is there a single .*rc kind of file where I establish the info for my
> POP3 server (their DNS #, url, etc.) and that is referred to by mail,
> fetchmail, emacs, etc? 

    $ man fetchmail.

Fetchmail will retrieve mail from a remote location, then deliver it
locally via your specified mechanism.  In my case, procmail, which
filters it to folders.

Only fetchmail needs to know the pop information, it delivers mail
locally to exim.  Procmail fetches mail from exim and dumps it to my
local folder(s).  My mail agent (mutt) reads my local folders.  It sends
_out_bound mail through exim, which is configured to use my ISP's SMTP
relay as a smarthost.

The only two external interfaces are fetchmail (incoming) and exim

> Or do I need to put that info in *each* .*rc file?


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