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Laptops: QLITech aquires TuxTops line (was Re: GPS)

on Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 02:41:29PM -0500, Glenn Becker (glenn@icarus.usanetworks.com) wrote:
> Even more, does anyone on list know of a good source for 'Linux laptops'
> now that both linuxlaptops.com and tuxtops.com seem to have suspended
> production?
> Glenn Becker
> Online Producer, Community

As per subject, QLITech has aquired TuxTops line of laptops, most (all?)
of which are Compal OEMed.  I've been using the TT Amethyst 20U for the
past six weeks, liking it markedly.

Info:  http://www.qlitech.net/

Note:  no affiliation, just a TuxTops customer.

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