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Re: Comments VMWare?

>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Gift <jgift@wanadoo.fr> writes:

 Jonathan> Hi, I might have to run a windows app, and one code copy
 Jonathan> protected at that.  Anyway, how is VMWare at running 32 bit
 Jonathan> windows apps? as I understand it you load VMWare, then
 Jonathan> W95/98, then your app. Does VMWare set up its own file
 Jonathan> system? Where would I store my apps docs?

I use vmware, and love it.  There are a number of ways to set it up,
including allocating a chunk of a disk for it to setup a filesystem
on, connecting to a samba server (possibly running on the same
machine, in the 'host' linux OS), or (IIRC) using an existing NT

vmware virtualizes the entire x86 environment.  prepare to be amazed
as you boot your guest OS, see the familiar BIOS startup screen and
POST, and have a fully functional NT desktop, all safely contained
within an X Window.



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