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Slow DNS Lookup (4TH POSTING)

I am currently running a Debian 2.2 box as my DNS/www/ftp/ssh/etc etc etc...
Anyway the DNS lookup is working fine except for when the internal machines
try to look up 'www.emergeknowledge.com' which is essentially local.  When I
am working from home (yes i get to telecommute 4 days a week :))  I can get
to the web-site with no lag whatsoever.  This leads me to believe that is
has something to do with the reverse DNS lookup? (i think)  Can someone
please get back to me on this one?  Any information will be helpful.  I've
read all the how-tos and tutorials I can get my hands on, but just can't
seem to figure this one out....

I can post my configuration files if you think it's necessary.

Leonard Leblanc,
Webmaster / Intranet Administrator

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