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Re: debian-user: strange problem with VIM and cursor keys.

On Wed, Feb 28, 2001 at 09:13:07AM +1100, Brendan J Simon wrote:
> Matthew Dalton wrote:
> > Brendan J Simon wrote:
> > 
> >> When I use VIM in an X terminal (eg. gnometerm), I can't use the cursor
> >> keys to navigate whilst in insert mode.
> >> *However*, if I have a ~/.vimrc file with nothing in it, I *can*
> >> navigate with the cursor keys in insert mode.
> >> Very strange.  Is this a bug or have I got something wrong with my setup.
> > 
> > I'm guessing that there's a system-wide vimrc in /etc somewhere which is
> > disabling the cursor keys. A .vimrc in your $HOME (even an empty one)
> > would override the /etc one if it exists, which is probably why what is
> > happening is happening.
> > 
> > Of course, with no Debian box nearby to check I can't be sure. Poke
> > around /etc and see what you find. Also try 'man vim'.
> I've done a `find /etc -iname "*vim*"` and nothing came up.

/usr/share/vim/vimrc => /etc/vimrc

Do you have vim-rt (runtime) installed?  If not, get it.

Eric G. Miller <egm2@jps.net>

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