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Re: Procmail, pine, imapd and bogus mailboxes...

On Sun, Feb 25, 2001 at 05:17:24AM +0000, Gavin Hamill wrote:
> Hullo!
> I'm writing here 'because I never had this problem with Slackware' :)
> Okie, in /var/spool/mail, I have a symlink from 'gdh' to my real mailbox
> in /home/gdh/Mailbox, and this link in this preset dir lets crappy stuff
> like pine and UW's imapd work correctly...
> However, I've moved to Debian unstable, with qmail as the MTA, and
> procmail as the MDA (?) ... Alas procmail complains very loudly when it
> sees a link in /var/spool/mail - and as it's manpage says, will rename the
> link to BOGUS.gdh.blahblah ...
> What I'd like to know is.. is there a way around this, or to disable this
> 'feature' of procmail?
> If someone has a more elegant solution I'm all ears, and yes I know the
> nicest solution is probably mutt and Courier-IMAP, but I like pine I'm
> afraid:)

Do you really need this link? Why don't you don't you filter your
mails to different mboxes in your $HOME with procmail? (With a

Pine should be able to do this, maybe UW-imap not.

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