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fixed - Re: upgraded to woody, sendmail quit

You're the man Richard!
As soon as I set the suid bit, the 'you have new mail' popped up.


Richard A Nelson <cowboy@debian.org> wrote ..
> On Fri, 23 Feb 2001 techlists@techgod.net wrote:
> > First I moved my server to a new co-lo facility, and changed the ip address.
> > Then, because I wanted to install webmail, I upgraded to woody, which I have done
> on my laptop with minor problems.  When I did the apt-get dist-upgrade, it uninstalled
> me sendmail server.  After the upgrade, I went into dselect and re-installed my sendmail
> server.  I don't get errors, it just doesn't deliver mail, not even locally.  Every
> thing I send out, sits in the queue with the status of deferred.  I set up everything
> the same.
> Let me guess, sendmail-8.9.3 right?
> do you have deliver or procmail (or both installed)?
> One of the delivery agents must be SUID or this happens, No one has
> figured out where the permission bits get cleared...
> If you reinstall whichever (or both) MDAs, check to make sure the suid
> bit is on, check /etc/suid.conf to make sure its not resetting the bit,
> and finally set the bit by hand if need be.
> Then restart sendmail and things should clean up right away.
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> Rick Nelson
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