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Re: kill: cannot kill some processes

Brian Stults wrote:
> As the subject indicates, there are some processes that hang and cannot
> be killed.  Specifically, occasionally dselect will hang while trying to
> install a package.  After waiting for a long time, I try both Ctrl-c and
> Ctrl-z and neither will work.  Then I try to kill the process from
> another xterm.  It looks as if the kill worked, but when I do a ps, the
> job is still there.  It also just happened with df.  I use this to kill:
> kill -9 [pid]
> Any suggestions?

does the process list "Z" under STAT ? if it is the process has gone
zombied and i don't think there is much you can do. sometimes zombie'd
processes die on their own eventually many times they will not die until
you reboot ..

its rare..but it can happen.

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