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Re: ICQ and other applications for Linux???

In message <[🔎] FD6C04CDECE8D111B4CA00805FC14F0705941BEB@mathexch2.mobility.com>it was written:
>	Does anyone know what protocols ICQ uses to send data out on the
>internet?  I am attempting to use my my linux machine as a router for my
>cable internet service and was wondering if i would get full internet
>funtionality on my client machines on the LAN.

You really have two options getting icq to work like this; one is to install
a SOCKS proxy on your router, and the other is to use the ip_masq_icq module
for the kernel (which isn't in the official kernel iirc, you have to download
it separately and compile it yourself).

Debian has a few socks proxies packaged if you do an apt-cache search for it.

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