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Ip masquerading help

Hello debian users.
I am having the following ip masquerading issue:

1) I have four networks in my office (netmask - internet servers

10.0.0.x (netmask - internal network

10.0.1.x (netmask - other internal network (netmask - ADSL router

I want a linux server (2.2 kernel) to route the packets and let everybody
access the internet via the ADSL link.
That's how I imagine the thing built:

eth2) 10.0.1.x--------------------------------
eth1) ------------              |
                                                      |              |
eth0) 10.0.0.x--------------           |              |
eth0:0)           |              |
                                          |           |              |
                      |               NIC1    NIC2      NIC3           |
                      |                       linux router

so eth2 is, eth1 is and eth0 has and ips (thanks to ip alising), so after this setup i connect
the interfaces to the corresponding hubs (the network hubs are NOT
interconnected), configure everything on /etc/network/interfaces and start
ipmasquerading (debian ipmasq package), the ADSL port, is the default gateway.
>From a computer in the 10.0.0.x network I can ping the internet (via ADSL)
and any computer on the 10.0.1.x network (vice versa for the computers on
the 10.0.1.x net) BUT, i cannot access the servers connected to NIC2 (eth1)
directly .... I need some special rule for that.

Can anyone shed a light ?

 Thank you very much in advance


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