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Re: kernel 2.4.1 and modules

On Mon, 12 Feb 2001 msgrantmatt@netscape.net wrote:

> I just upgraded my kernel from 2.2.17 to 2.4.1 and when I boot I get errors
> that can't initilize /lib/modules/2.4.1/modules.dep directory not found.
> Or something like this. I know this is true because all I have are my 2.2.17 modules.
>  I compiled everything I needed into the kernel(NIC,IPX etc.)So it doesn't effect normal operation but I do want to fix it for my own knowledge.

You must install a new version of modutils. Please read [1] for more
information where to get a package (and please read the warnings before
installing this package!).

> Any help would be awsome.


[1] http://www.fs.tum.de/~bunk/kernel-24.html


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