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Re: Some questions in comprehension

On Tue, Feb 13, 2001 at 06:12:59PM +0100, Christian Eckert wrote:
> Hello,
> maybe someone could give some explanations to the following questions.
> 1. What is the meaning of  *scratch* e.g. in the context *build from scratch* and so on 

This goes back to the concept of baking from scratch, which means from
the most basic of ingredients, i.e., no mixes. A "from scratch" cake
is made from flour, eggs, etc. instead of a cake mix. Another common
term is "roll-your-own" which refers to rolling your own cigarettes
instead of buying pre-rolled packs.

> 2. What exactly is the meaning of *image* 

I think you're talking about iso images? If so, it means the entire
disk contents, at the raw level as it appears on the media. This is
not just the contents of the disk that you would see when you do an
"ls", but the inodes and other meta-information. You can have an image
of any disk device. Using the loopback fs driver, you can even look at
these images as if they were actual filesystems on an actual disk,
even though they are actually just a file on some other filesystem.
When you write the image to a disk or cd-rom (using the "dd" command
usually), you create the full cd in all its glory in one fell swoop.

> 3. I read it recently, what is meant by the Debain's archive structure. What does it look like?

Sorry, I am new to Debian and can't help here. Sorry.


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