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RE: installing oracle 8i: can't connect display :0.0

As the same user who started the X server do a "xhost + localhost" to allow
X connections from anyone on the machine.

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Subject: installing oracle 8i: can't connect display :0.0

i'm new at this X stuff, so whip out the clue stick: i tried
`./runInstaller` on the oracle8i install cd, and i get

	XLIB: connection to ":0.0" refused by server

i've tried

	export DISPLAY=:0.1
	export DISPLAY=:1.0
	export DISPLAY=:1.1
	export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0
	export DISPLAY=

and get bounced every time.

nmap shows X11 is listening on port 6000, so what else do i need?

i'm using potato...

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