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Re: nterm on port 1026

Daniel de los Reyes <dadecal@s2-selling.com> writes:

> I got this from nterm:

You mean from a portscanner (looks like nmap)?

> 1026    open        tcp        nterm  
> I have no entry for nterm nor port 1026 in /etc/inetd.conf nor
> /etc/services..
> whay is this nterm thing?

Try to connect to this server (telnet host 1026). Is there really a
server running? Does a portscanner find this server running
repeatable? I saw nmap (from Potato) finding the funniest servers
running on my system, the more often i've run it. If i had run nmap in
a loop, every x times (x > 50, IIRC - something like that) a
definitely non-running servers was found. Strange. A newer version of
nmap didn't showed this behaviour.

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