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RE: debian 2.2 with 8 meg ?

to be honest, i think a 486 cannot catch up with that type of CDRW, unless
you add a local bus controller to it that supports some ATA interface at
33/66/100 Mbps, otherwise burning could prove REAL slow/unreliable.

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thomas.krepkowski@gmx.de wrote:

> I have an old, lonely 486 with 8 MB and want to use it for Linux.
> Is there any chance to use debian 2.2 on it.
> I read in the installation manual, that it needs 12 MB.

As someone else already pointed out, that you can install potato on a
machine with 8MB RAM, but it's really painful.

An alternative would be to do the actual install on a faster machine to
get a base system up and running and then stuffing the hard drive into
your 486.  Running apt-get to add or delete stuff is fairly easy,
although it will take some minutes, too.  I installed my firewall like
that and it works like a charm (zero loadavg).

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