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Re: sources.list anf file URI's

> Due to a somewhat shaky net connection I decided 
> to download the debs for xfree 4 (from 
> http://people.debian.org/~cpbotha) to my local machine.  
> I'm trying to add the dirs where they reside to my 
> sources.list but apt complains about malformed lines. 
> This is what I did: 
> deb file:/home/henrik/debs/xf402_potato/i386/
> deb file:/home/henrik/debs/xf402_potato/all/
> What am I doing wrong?

Once you have the packages download, just use "dpkg" to install them. 

dpkg --install packagename1 packagename2

It *will* keep your installed packages database up to date too.


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