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RE: virus detection

In dutch we call this MUGGENZIFTEN wich translates as Sifting mosquito's.

But it is nice to know though ;-) 
Point was that there was one guy asking can i be infected with a virus on my
Linux/i386 box, while another one replied he couldn't because "for linux
there is no such thing", probably works for the government.

As a matter of fact the number of viruses (mostly scripts) for unix/linux is
growing, fortunatly much slower then for MS-W.



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Quoting Zac Epkes (ciscoaddict@home.com):
> I was unable to see who said there where no Viruses for UNIX based
systems, i jsut
> wanted to tell anyone and everyone, im sure there are Virueses for ALL
systems of
> anykind, even that old TANDY or whatever you can pull out of your
> (hehe im only 17 here) im sure there is a virus SOMEWHERE for it...

Well, I'd love to see you try to infect, say, an HP9845 with a virus.
The entire OS is contained in ROM. (It isn't unique in that respect.)


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