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need help

On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 08:04:11PM -0300, Erwin San Martín Lassalle wrote:
> i'm a new chilean user of debian, and when i get into the ftp server to download cd images(.iso) i found 4 archieves
> binary-i386-1.iso
> binary-i386-2.iso
> binary-i386-3.iso
> binary-i386-1_NONUS.iso
> my question is
> ¿do i have to download binary-i386-1_NONUS.iso?

The -1_NONUS (= non US) image has the same packages as the -1 but with a
sligth difference : in the -1_NONUS, there are crypttographic tools,
such as gpg and ssl, but not in the -1. I'm french and I have a set of
these 4 CDs, but I have never put the -1 in my box, always the -1_NONUS.
So you don't need the -1 and should use the -1_NONUS. This is due to
American laws...

> if i don't download this file, ¿i would have troubles with instalation?

No, but you won't be able to use cryptography, gpg and ssl...

> thanks

You're welcome.

Nicolas Bertolissio.


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