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gdm: doesn't read /etc/profile, .bash_profile anymore?


I'm an idiot: I played with my box (woody), i.e., I did a dist-upgrade
of which I now can't remember what /was/ upgraded or when (yesterday,
today?), I also installed xml-i18n-tools (while trying to
compile/install nautilus and don't break evolution snapshots in the
process). I also played with language-env, which seems nearest to the
damage I have obviously done.
What else I may have broken, I can't remember.

Well, now it happens that when I log in (no matter as which user)
through gdm and then open xterm or gnome-terminal, neither /etc/profile
nor ~/.bash_profile are read. That means, bash acts as if invoked with
the --noprofile option.
They _are_ read when logging in from the console, and if I startx from
the console and then open xterm/gnome-terminal, everything is OK, too.
I've tried everything I could think of, but nothing helped. Maybe
someone here can bang my head against a not-too-hard wall, thanks


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