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Re: Now Stormix is no more . . .

hi ya

and if there are other packages we wanna pick up...

i/we will help out.... donno how....connections/machines/???
( to remain GPL'd...

have fun linuxing

On Sat, 3 Feb 2001, Christian Kurz wrote:

> On 01-02-02 Phillip Deackes wrote:
> > apps they developed? I am thinking particularly of the superb installation
> > routine; SAS, the GUI administration modules and Storm Package Manager, the
> > front-end to apt. Storm Package Manager is available in Debian Unstable (+
> > Testing?) already.
> Just a short note here. stormpkg and SAS will be further developed via
> sourceforge, where already some people created the nessecary projetcs
> and will maintain the code.
> Ciao
>      Christian
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