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Re: font deuglification confusion

If you want TrueType fonts in Netscape and use XFree86 v. 4, you must use the v.4 xfs font server.  Netscape uses the fonts.alias file which then uses the xfs font server, it does not use the v. 4 "built-in" fonts.  Is your xfs daemon running? (xfsd?)  Are your TrueType font paths listed first in both the xfs config file and the XF86Config-4 file?  Does your XF86Config-4 file have the font server listed for port 7100 first, before the paths to your fonts?

--- "john smith" <inquirer23@hotmail.com>
> wrote:
>I have read and I am trying to follow the directions in font deuglification 
>(at linuxdoc.org) but I am confused & have a couple of questions.
>1.it is mentioned there that xfree86 4 has it's own built in true type font 
>server (xfsft== freetype?  ) so I *dont* need xfs and xfstt font servers 
>right? not unless I want to give other network users access to the font 
>server. correct? so I am now uninstall them if I wanted to without any 
>2.I already have created my fonts.dir, fonts.alias and fonts.scale created 
>and changed the fontpath in XF86Config-4 and also in /etc/X11/fs/config file 
>xfs but I still can't see my ttfs. considentally, I also created a test file 
>but when I execute the command:
># xfs -port 7100 -config /path/to/your/config/file & ( it hangs here after 
>it initializes something) so I just press return and do:
>$ xset +fp tcp/localhost:7100 (no errors, but I still can't see my ttfs in 
>is there still something I am missing?
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